Jan. 1st, 2013
SE-CURE AG has closed several new contracts with companies in the automotive industry and power/automation industry. Main focus is the definition and development (definition and rollout) of KPI dashboards for management to monitor status and trends in systems development. In addition, a major Swiss bank was contracted as a new client to develop a Management Information System. Existing course materials also increasingly find their way to the market through customizations. Current focus is on the Arab countries.

Jul. 6th, 2012
Dr. Hans Sassenburg was invited to give the opening keynote at the CMMI Portugal conference in Coimbra/Portugal. The title of the presentation is "IT Portfolio Management: From Chaos to Transparency to Improvements", and is based on applied research projects conducted with the SEI.

Sep. 17th, 2010
The Software Benchmarking Organization (SBO), founded by SE-CURE AG and SolidSource BV, will organize the successful workshop "Software Management by Numbers" on the following dates: Oct. 9th in Porto/Portugal and Nov. 24th in Eindhoven/Netherlands.

Sep. 14th, 2010
Dr. Hans Sassenburg was invited to give the opening keynote at the ICSM 2010 conference in Timisoara/Rumania. The title of the presentation is "Building multi-sidedness into tomorrow's systems through projective analysis", and is based on applied research projects conducted with the SEI. For more information, click here.

May. 10th, 2010
The Software Benchmarking Organization (SBO), founded by SE-CURE AG and SolidSource BV, announces the launch of a FREE online service that enables companies to perform a first-order benchmarking study of their software development projects. Four Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are investigated: Schedule, Effort (Budget), Productivity and Staffing Rate. The benchmarking results are based on the empirical data published in the book Applied Software Measurement: Global Analysis of Productivity and Quality by Capers Jones (ISBN 978-0-07-150244-3), for which permission to use has been granted. To access the FREE online service, click here. Your feedback is highly appreciated! SBO is planning to extend this utility based on your feedback.

Feb. 2nd, 2010
Dr. Hans Sassenburg featured as presenter in a webinar organized by CAI and the IT Metrics & Productivity Institute with the title "Measuring the Immeasurable: What is Your Real Performance Capability?". Over 700 people subscribed and rewarded the webibar with a very high score. You can download the slides with notes here. For other webinars, click here.

Jan. 20th, 2010
Prosource and SE-CURE will organize the successful workshop "Software Management by Numbers". In this workshop, a powerful set of 16 best practice KPIs is presented, using a multi-dimensional perspective, together with benchmarking data (industry, best-in-class). This enables a quantitative assessment of a software manufacturer‘s capability and define an underpinned business case for improvements with quantified targets. Date: Feb. 26th 2010, venue: Mechelen/Belgium.

Nov. 12th, 2009
The Software Benchmarking Organization announces a series of benchmarking studies in different industry segments. The main focus is on three industries: embedded, financial and automotive. The data will be analyzed and the results benchmarked against industry values (average, best-in-class). The overall anonymized results will be made available to all study participants in the last phase of the study. Together with the company specific measurements, the results will serve as factual base for assessing software (process) improvement efforts. For more information, click here.

The Software Benchmarking Organization was founded in 2009 by SolidSource BV and SE-CURE AG. This organization has the objective to provide benchmarking services to the software industry. The portfolio includes benchmarking studies, workshops, and supporting  products. The portfolio is brought to the market through an international  network with accredited partners.

Apr. 6, 2009

During the last decade, SE-CURE AG has become a known player in the area of quantitative analyses of software projects and organisations. Core expertise is analysing death march projects and bringing them back to live. This work is supported by internally developed analysis instruments, based on the work of gurus like Lawrence Putnam, Barry Boehm, Watts Humphrey and Capers Jones. Clients have increasingly asked SE-CURE AG to make these analysis instruments publicly available, so they could pro-actively analyse, plan and control their projects. This request has now been honored. A first series of products is released, enabling software manufacturers to get better grip on their projects: analysis of historical project data, underpinned estimations, quantitative monitoring of progress made using a multi-dimensional perspective, and informative management reporting.

In addition, 3 very powerful 1-day workshops have been developed:
"Software Management by Numbers": how to analyse and improve software capability? For more information, click here.
"Software Estimation by Numbers": how to  estimation projects using quantitative techniques? For more information, click here.
- "Software Planning and Monitoring by Numbers": how to plan and monitor projects using  quantitative techniques? For more information, click here.

Feb. 4, 2009
SE-CURE AG will support Verum (Waalre/Netherlands) in examining the benefits of Verum's ASD:Suite. Studies will be conducted comparing conventional software development capability with software development based on the ASD:Suite. Verum has invented a new technology for designing and mathematically verifying the correctness and completeness of complex software systems. The result is a technology that allows designs of complex software systems to be modelled and mathematically verified for completeness, correctness and conformance to specification before a single line of code has been written. SE-CURE AG will bring in available scientific and empirical knowledge as well as collected experiences over the last 20 years. Comparisons will be made using a multi-dimensional view: project performance, process efficiency, product scope and product quality.

Nov. 9, 2008
SE-CURE AG has released a series of courses addressing challenges software manufacturers are confronted with. Special emphasis is placed on problems encountered in practical settings and possible remedies to reduce or even eliminate risks. The curriculum, existing of 15 courses at 5 different levels, is derived from internationally accepted standard references such as PMBOK, SWEBOK, publicly available work from the SEI, and books from respected authors. The powerful, highly-valued exercises are based on practical experiences from our (senior) instructors. The balance between lectures and exercises is 50/50. All courses are now available to industry through SE-CURE AG's partner network.  For more information, click here.

Nov. 1, 2007
On Thursday 1 November 2007, Prof. Henk Sol, chair of the jury and Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen, announced the winner of the 2007 Aart Bosman Prize: Dr. Hans Sassenburg, Managing Director of SE-CURE AG. Sassenburg’s PhD thesis (2005) focused on the dilemma faced by software producers: when to release newly developed software. Releasing products too soon increases the chances of errors and the inevitable consequences of this, but if they wait too long they give the competition too much room. In its report, the jury praised the comprehensiveness of Sassenburg’s research. For more information, click here.

Hans Sassenburg, Aart Bosman Prtijs

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