1. Books

Software Engineering
In July 2002, a new book about software engineering was published. Author is Hans Sassenburg, Managing Director of SE-CURE AG. The book describes the process of building and maintaining a house in the Swiss Alps. This analogy is used to make a comparison between the mature construction world and immature software engineering discipline. In each chapter, describing one of the project phases, an integrated set of engineering rules is deducted using a multi-dimensional perspective (project, people, process, technology). Further, many practical examples and anecdotes are used to stress again the importance of described issues.

Target audience for this book includes experienced software engineers, (project) managers. The book is also successfully used in academic programs, as the book contains many assignments. 

Click here to order the book (ISBN 90-72194-64-0).
Software Engineering, Hans Sassenburg
Software Release Decisions
A relatively unexplored area in the field of software management is the implementation or release decision, deciding whether or not a software product can be transferred from its development phase to operational use. It is a trade-off between an early release, to capture the benefits of an earlier market introduction, and the deferral of product release, to enhance functionality, or improve quality. In this research project, this problematic area was explored in-depth from different perspectives, both from a theoretical and from an empirical point of view, by studying practical examples. The results are used in a proposed methodology to improve strategic software release decisions, characterized by the existence of large prospective financial loss outcomes, including the presence of high costs for reversing a decision.

This work was awarded with the 2007 Aart Bosman Prize for best IT research.

An electronic version is available for free, click here (ISBN 90-367-2425-2).
Software Release Decisions, Hans Sassenburg

2. Selected Papers and Presentations
  • Telea, A., Voinea, L., Sassenburg, H., Visual Tools for Software Architecture Understanding: A Stakeholder Perspective. IEEE Software (special issue on Software Architecture: Framing Stakeholders’ Concerns, Nov/Dec 2010), 2010. Accepted for publication.
  • Sassenburg, H., Building Multi-sideness into Tomorrow's Systems Through Projective Analysis, Keynote ICSM (Timisoara/Rumania), September 2010.  ( pdf  )
  • Sassenburg, H., Voinea, L., Does Process Improvement Really Pay Off?, European SEPG (Porto/Portugal), June 2010.
  • Boxer, P., Kirwan, P., Sassenburg, H., The Impact of Government Approaches on SoS Environments, IEEE International Systems Conference (San Diego/USA), April 2010.  ( pdf  )
  • Sassenburg, H., Scrum en CMMI: Goed te Combineren (in Dutch), Automatisering Gids,  October 2009.
  • Sassenburg, H., Voinea, L., Standaardisering niet perse Performanceverbetering (in Dutch), Automatisering Gids,  September, 2009. ( pdf  )
  • Sassenburg, H., Automotive Industry: Improving Efficiency Insufficient? SEE2008 Conference(Berne/Switzerland), April 29th, 2008. 
  • Sassenburg, H., Keynote at 11th Software Process Improvement Workshop, Philips/NXP(Veldhoven/Netherlands), January 25th,  2008. 
  • Sassenburg,  H., Elaborations on the question whether to travel to Groningen or not. Invited talk for Aart Bosman Prijs 2007, University of Groningen, November 1st, 2007.  ( pdf ) ( link )
  • Sassenburg, H., Integrating CMMI and Six Sigma: War or Synergy? Invited talk, Symposium Quality Systems Engineering Network (Swiss ICT, Zurich/Switzerland), October 31th, 2007.
  • Sassenburg, H., 10 Steps to Establishing a Software Measurement Program. Invited talk, Software Best Practices Conference (London/UK), September 27th, 2007. ( pdf )
  • Sassenburg, H., ROI of Process Improvement? Next question please ... European SEPG (Amsterdam/Netherlands), June 2007.  ( pdf )
  • Sassenburg, H., Software Qualität: das Sorgenkind der Software Industrie ..., SIG Seminar (Berne/Switzerland) (in German), February 27th, 2007.
  • Sassenburg H., If Software Quality Is So Important, Why Is It So Often Neglected? Invited talk CHOOSE Forum seminar, (Berne/Switzerland), December 18th, 2006. ( pdf )
  • Sassenburg H., An Economic Model for Market Entry Strategies. Proceedings of the IWSM/Metrikon Conference, (Potsdam/Germany), November 2-3, 2006. ( pdf )
  • Sassenburg H., Risiken in Software-Projekten. Invited talk Fachgruppe ICT-Investment, SwissICT (Zurich/Switzerland) (in German), October 19th, 2006. ( pdf )
  • Sassenburg, H., Software Engineering; Van Ambacht tot Professie. Invited talk Rabobank seminar (Utrecht/Netherlands) (in Dutch), June 20th, 2006. ( pdf )
  • Sassenburg, H., Kitson, D., CMMI and Automotive SPICE. European SEPG (Amsterdam/Netherlands), June 2006. ( pdf )
  • Andelfinger, U., Kirwan, P., Heijstek, A., Sassenburg, H., Towards a Unified Process Improvement Approach. European SEPG (Amsterdam/Netherlands), June 2006. ( pdf )
  • Sassenburg, H., Berghout E., An Economic Model for Market Entry Strategies. Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Economics-Driven Software Engineering Research (EDSER), ICSE '06 (Shanghai/China), May 27th, 2006. ( pdf )
  • Sassenburg, H., A Methodology to Support Software Release Decisions. Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Software Quality, ICSE '06 (Shanghai/China), May 21st, 2006. ( pdf )
  • Sassenburg, H., Berghout, E., Optimal Release Time: Numbers or Intuition? Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Software Quality, ICSE '06 (Shanghai/China), May 21st, 2006. ( pdf )
  • Sassenburg, H., A Multi-Disciplinary View on Software Release Decisions. Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Interdisciplinary Software Engineering Research (WISER), ICSE '06 (Shanghai/China), May 20th, 2006. ( pdf )
  • Sassenburg, H., Market Entry Strategies. SEPG Conference (Nashville/USA), March 9th, 2006.

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